5 Second Water Savings Tip for Your Home

I love to blog about energy savings for around my home. Mainly because I am all about saving money. Recently I did a write up on a 5 minute project that can save you 5,000 Gallons of Water and fellow blogger YWWP posted a comment noting that he has an even easier water saving solution which I am calling the 5 second water saving tip.

His tip was simple. He writes quote;

one quick solution: All washbasins have a controller to water flow below it. It is always turned to full 100% water flow. If it is rotated little to reduce water flow to wash basin, it will save water.

He also did up a photo demonstrating how to do it which is not rocket science. Go under your sink, find the valve and turn it off slightly.  There is however a pretty big catch on whether this will work for you or not.



He notes in his comment that all sinks have this but unfortunately that is not true. In my own home of my 5 sinks only my kitchen sink has this. So I have no ability to do it in the rooms that count most, like my children’s bathroom where they waste so much water washing their hands for 3 hours at a time.

That said it is still a great tip and one you should do if you can. The only thing I would add is take the time to actually calculate how much water you are saving in your home. It is quite easy with a simple cup of water.

The steps I would do are as follows;

Measure the Water: With the tap in its normal full position fill a 1 cup measuring cup while TIMING it.

Do The Math : 1 Cup is 0.625 gallons of water. Divide that number into how long it took you to fill the cup. So if it took you 3 seconds its .625 divided by 3 seconds. Multiply that number by 60 seconds to figure out how many gallons of water you are using in a minute.

Make Your Adjustment: Make the valve adjustment above and repeat steps 1 and 2 and write down the number. Subtract the two and you now have your water savings.

Here is a quick hypothetical example.

  • I fill 1 cup of water in 3 seconds.
  • The Math is 0.626 divided by 3 seconds times 60 seconds = 12.52 gallons per minute

I now adjust my flow rate with the valve by 25% and my new numbers are;

  • I fill 1 cup of water in 7 seconds
  • The math is 0.626 divided by 7 seconds times 60 seconds = 5.35 gallons per minute.

If I subrtract those two nubmers I find that this 5 second fix is saving me 7.17 gallons per minute. Now please note I made up the amount of time it takes me to fill a cup just to give you an example of the math to do. You should not honestly have a sink that is putting out 12.52 gallons per minute unless your house was built in 1950.

Try the fix, do the math and figure out how much water this 5 second fix is going to save you. Thanks to YFWW for sharing it.





  1. That man’s suggestions are genius! I’m an environmentalist, and I think that we’re wasting far too much water. I think it’s important to consult with experts before you make any drastic changes, but this is a very neat, basic one. Awesome!

    Alex Jennings |

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