ecobee3 Now For Sale at APPLE

ecobee has seen the light and for them it is retail sales. Yesterday on LinkedIn they announced that the ecobee3 product is now available for purchase in apple stores and online at This is not overly shocking given that ecobee started selling products direct on their website earlier this year.

This is a big move for ecobee whom in the past have sold their products through traditional wholesale HVAC distribution and contractors. They are clearly doing this in response to the huge success that NEST had going consumer direct and eventually selling to Google for the 1 Gazillion Dollars.

Did you hear the news? Our new ecobee3 smart thermostat is now in Apple stores and on Oh, and we’re now at the top of the Trending Now page on We’re pretty excited, – ecobee

In the end the move to sell ecobee direct to consumers will be a win for ecobee on the retail front but the question stands will wholesale distribution and HVAC contractors continue to support the product?

More importantly does ecobee really need HVAC distribution to find new success with the ecobee 3? I am highly biased but even I have to concede that ecobee should have a good go in retail sales if they are ready and willing to spend the money to build their brand.

That said I also think that ecobee has a sweet spot with wholesale HVAC distribution and even if it’s not quite where they want it abandoning it outright could be an opening for other companies.

Time will tell if selling on Apple brings better success then through contractors. Either way its a great company with great product and great people.


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