4 Ways ecobee Makes HVAC Better

I am a fanboy of ecobee and have been for many years. They have continued to innovate with new product but my passion for their product remains for a few core reasons and it’s not the device on the wall as much as the design and the software behind  it.

Not to mention the people who make up ecobee.

Stuart Lombard their founder has proven that having customers at the table is good for business and product development. Gus Provias who leads their inside technical team proves that bending over backwards to help the customer is never wrong and Jason MacKinnon the Sales Manager for Canada is single-handedly trying to bring back the man purse. ( Only joking he leads a dream team sales group ).

I have never been a fan of thermostats that are all sizzle and no substance and for me the ecobee Smart thermostat is near perfection when it comes to smart thermostats. Great team and great product has made the ‘ecobee Smart’ model the must buy thermostat for nerds and regular homeowners alike.

It is the thermostat I use in my own home and here are just a few reasons why.


I will never forget when the sales team showed me the ecobee for the first time and they talked up the ‘weather’ feature. My immediate reaction was ‘really? you think weather on a thermostat is a game changer?’. Wow did I eat my words. The most popular comment from consumers ( my wife and older son included ) is how awesome it is to know the weeks weather forecast without looking it up.

Do not be fooled into thinking the weather on your thermostat is a gimmick either. The weather data which is collected and logged for over a year is also used as part of the heating/cooling algorithm. Which thermostat is smarter? One that knows it is going to snow or one that doesn’t?. Weather is easily one of the greatest ecobee Smart features.

Idiot Proof Setup

How many times have you been presented with a new thermostat and struggled with how to wire it or program it? In our office the way I proved how simple it was to install was to hand it to one of our Accounting team ( who doesn’t own a thermostat at all ) and asked her to program it. Despite her dismay at the initial request she did it no problem, first try.

Idiot proof setup means that the thermostat is more likely to be used properly and although most contractors are not going to dump it on their customers to program it at least you know if they want to change a setting or two you don’t need a Masters in Engineering to figure it out.

It is Not Just a Thermostat

I am a nerd and just about every piece of hardware that comes across my desk I try to hack it. From internet enabling my radiant in floor system to hacking a WaterFurnace board to send email alerts if it goes offline. I just cant help myself it’s because I have spent my entire adult life writing code for industry leading companies.

The beauty of the ecobee smart thermostat is it is not just a thermostat. It has the ability for you to do all kinds of cool things with it. You can hookup a plethora of sensors including temperature, humidity, co2, dry contacts and zigbee. What does this mean? It means my thermostat can monitor my radiant infloor system, give me real-time power consumption of my home and also turn receptacle plugs on and off.

What other thermostat can do that without any hacking or modification?


HomeIQ is a pretty solid name for ecobee’s DataRythm technology which collects thousands of data points including HVAC equipment type and historical run-times, weather, and the ongoing energy performance of your home to make intelligent, unique and personalized heating and cooling decisions for you.

Really I could have just done a list with one item HomeIQ on it but that wouldn’t be a list now would it? The reason that the ecobee smart thermostat can boast significant heating and cooling savings is summed up with one word ‘HomeIQ’.

I am always looking for new product and to date I have yet to find a thermostat that wows me like the ecobee Smart Thermostat. If you think you know of a product I should be looking at drop me a line because I want to hear from you. If you are in the market for  a smart thermostat pickup an ecobee Smart Thermostat.

Be clear in this article I am talking about a specific model the ‘Smart’. Not the ecobee3 or the SI. All are great products but the Smart is the one that rules them all!

ecobee smart thermostat



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