JAGA, The Best Kept Secret in Radiators

JAGA rads are without question the most impressive radiator I have seen to date and this brand new product is ironically not new at all. JAGA was founded in Belgium in 1962 and has spent the last 52 years re-inventing the radiator industry while making rads cool again.

Unlike with some radiator companies JAGA seems focused on building rads that they compare to a ‘classic 50’s car’ that will last a long time and actually be something you are happy to have in your home. Lets be honest when is the last time somebody showed off their hot water radiators? With a JAGA rad I have actually had people say with pride ‘I have this in my house’ specifically referring to the heat wave product below;

heat wave jaga rad

The Heat Wave Radiator is an award-winning Rococo design by Joris Laarman and is just one demonstration of what I mean by JAGA making radiators as they claim ‘like a hand-made classic car’.

Not only is JAGA invested in building ‘cool radiators’ but they are building rads that are some of the most efficient on the market delivering the highest efficiencies and the highest BTU outputs while also having the lowest impact on the environment.

Not only that For every dollar I spend heating my home with a JAGA rad I am getting some the highest BTU outputs possible.

JAGA’s low mass rads hold 1/3rd the water of a panel radiator and are designed to warm up in under 2 minutes where as other radiator designs can take up to 40minutes to warm up. So in the coldest days or even those shoulder days where you just need a bit of extra heat you are getting it in under 2 minutes not 40 minutes and more importantly you’re not sweating to death for the up to 40 minutes after that it takes the rad to stop heating the room. Not only will it deliver improved comfort but JAGA notes that it will also save an additional 10-15% on my heating bill.

The easy explanation on rads and how some of them take a long time to respond is to compare them to listening to your stereo. If you had to wait 40 minutes after your stereo was turned on to actually get music would you be happy? Even better when you are done listening to music and want to go to bed or watch a TV show would you be happy having it play for 40 minutes after the radio turned off? Of course not. So why should your radiators work the same way?

If its cold in my house I want heat immediately. Alternatively if the room is at temperature I don’t want to waste energy heating it for 40 minutes after. I want to heat my home efficiently and remain comfortable which JAGA seems to have figured out.

As a bit of background the reason I have JAGA on the brain is I recently installed RAUPANEL in my house to address an issue with comfort in my living room. The room was a freezer in the winter and the carpet was destroyed so I fixed both at the same time. Adding the RAUPAnel added an extra 28 BTU’s per square foot at 110 degree water making the room the most efficiently heated in my home and also the most comrtable.

Unfortunately RAUPanel is not viable for my master bedroom another serious problem area thanks to shoddy ductwork because I am not about to rip out the floor which is what is leading me to my Plan B, the JAGA low temperature radiators.

Installing a JAGA rad is simple because all I need to run is two PEX lines off my REHAU Probalance manifold and into my bedroom and from there I can deliver easily 3500 BTU’s of extra heat using a JAGA ‘PLAY’ radiator (seen below).

jaga play radiator

Will this JAGA rad be the least expensive radiator on the market? Of course not. Will it be;

  • Able to heat up in 1/6th the time of more traditional radiators? Yes
  • Have the lowest volume of water for fast heat up  / cool down? Yes
  • Use the least amount of fuel to heat my home? Yes
  • The most efficient? Yes!
  • The most environmentally friendly ? Yes
  • Will my wife love it? Yes

I like most am all about saving a dollar but I am not going to overlook the long term costs of heating my home every month. I am willing to pay more up front for a JAGA radiator as I did with RAUPanel to save myself money every month on my heating bill rather then saving a few dollars up front.



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