Save Up to 12,000 Gallons of Water Per Year

taco smart plus hot water circulating
Photo courtesy of TACO

Did you know that every year families waste 12,000 gallons of water per year? Up to 12,000 gallons of hot water per year are wasted while we turn on the tap and wait for it to get hot according to TACO a leading manufacturer of pumps and radiant heating products.

After reading this number I wanted to figure out just how much money that translates to. In order to do this I pulled out my last water bill and started doing some weekend math. 

My water bill shows me that I use 29 M3 ( cubic meters ) of water a month on average which when converted to gallons equals 7,660 gallons of water a month.

The total water bill including the ‘Basic Water Charge’ and the ‘Basic Treatment Charge’ is $121.56 which means my cost per gallon of water is $0.0159 cents.

Finding out that  I am using 7,600 gallons of water is pretty staggering until you look at the big picture of what the average water consumption per family in our area is. A study done by Neptune Technology for the City of Hamilton revealed the following;

In an average residential home containing 3.5 persons, total usage would be approximately 29 m3 (7,660 gallons) per month. [ Source]

That gives us  a great benchmark from a location that is close to my home ( which is important ) but also shows that although my water consumption looks high my usage is slightly lower than the average.

How to Save Up To 12,000 Gallons of Water Per Year

TACO which manufacture’s plumbing controls and pumps has released a brand new pump that claims to save up to 12,000 gallons of water per year.  The Taco Smart Plus Hot Water Recirculating pump has an on board ‘computer’ which records over a 7 day period when you are using your hot water. It learns when you shower, when you run a bath and when you do dishes and stores that information.

From there what it does is simple and ingenious. It makes sure that you have hot water at the tap when you normally need it eliminating the need for you to run the tap / shower / bath waiting for hot water. Hot water is there instantly!

So how much can this potentially save me and you? My cost per gallon of water we determined was .00159 and if this new TACO pump can truly save me 12,000 gallons of water per year this translated to a savings of $190.80 a year. I found a TACO 006-IQST4 Smartplus Hot Water Recirculating pump on Amazon for $384.94.

So assuming you are capable of doing your own plumbing upgrades ( which most people are not ) this upgrade would pay for itself in 2 years on average. If you had to pay a plumber to do the work for you count on the return on investment being 3-4 years.

Over 10 years this is a savings of $1980.00 which is  a nice little nest egg to put in your pocket. All things considered this is a pretty simple way to put money back in your pocket.

How the TACO Smart Plus Hot Water Pump gets installed courtesy of TACO
How the TACO Smart Plus Hot Water Pump gets installed courtesy of TACO


  1. Did you account for the amount of energy lost in the pipework due to water constantly circulating?

    You’ve got the obvious: pump energy, but also the pipework heat loss which increases the load on your hot water supply.

    There must be a tradeoff point in value of water vs value of energy, this could be calculated with knowledge of your pipes & system.

    That’s not to mention the effect of de-stratifying your hot water tank so instead of it drawing the hot water off the top and the heater warming the hold water at the bottom, the pump is agitating the water, mixing it which reduces the temperature causing the heat source to come on more often than it would have.

    1. Great comments Garreth. I have no data to point to in reference to the energy loss but the energy loss is also contributing BTU’s to the space so its an interesting trade off.

      As somebody who has done alot of work studying tank stratification as a hobby enthusiast can you point me to the material you are referencing on how this type of system de-stratifies the tank? Thanks!

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